Make sales with email. 
Want to sell to your email list...

But feel like it just doesn't work?
You’ve built a successful business, but you've never sold to your list because you think it's not big enough. Or it's not growing that fast. 

But if you have at least 500 list subscribers, and you're doing things like buying Facebook ads or freaking out about lead generation... STOP.    
Maybe you came into the online business world optimistic . . . 
After all, you've built up your roster of new and repeat business. Your clients love you because you get great results and you make them feel taken care of. You've found your bright little corner of your industry. 

But you want more.

Somewhere along the way, you heard there was a formula for scaling your sales online. Make 10x what you're making now - while doing less work!

You looked up "scaling." And "funnels."  

And you saw the success stories on Instagram and heard about them on podcasts. Other business owners had packaged up their expertise in the form of online programs and they were making money. 

Maybe you even bought some of the online programs they were selling. They'd figured it out! How to make a full time income and still be home in the afternoon to pick up their kids.  

The Dream. 

You thought, "I know how to work my ass off for this business. I've stayed up til midnight to work on the business and woken up at 5 a.m. with the baby."

"I can make this work." 


you created an offer. Maybe it was a course; maybe it was an intro version of your service. 

Then you went to sell it. You sent sales emails to your subscribers, and posted about it on social media. Maybe you also bought Facebook ads and ran a webinar.  

And you heard crickets. 

You had poured time, money, and precious energy into creating your online offer. But you didn't hit your sales goals. Maybe you didn't sell any! 

What about those people in your own industry, smiling back at you from their Instagram accounts? They've been selling their courses for years. It MUST be working for them! 

Are they lying? ...  

Or are you missing something? 

Maybe all those online advice-givers and GURUs are full of 💩
Maybe what you've created is all wrong.  
Maybe you just don’t have “the knack” for selling online. 

Now that you've spent so much time creating your online offer and launching it, where do you start with figuring out what went wrong?
What if, instead of giving up on that online offer you created, you could. . .
Stop feeling like every email you send "bothers" your subscribers and start knowing in your gut they WANT to hear from you. Even if you're selling something. 
Make money from your email list consistently, without freaking out about using Facebook ads or Linkedin to get leads.
Create an automated email sequence that sells your product so you can count on revenue every month. 
“For three years I was stuck at the same number of paying subscribers for my membership. Within a year, it doubled! I definitely see that as a result of working with you.”

Becky Rapinchuk,
You don't have to give up. 

You don't have to wait until you have a bajillion email subscribers.

But you do need a system. I have one. It's called... 
The Email Sweet Spot Program
"Sell your course on auto-pilot!" "Passive income!" "Funnel-hacking!"  

You've heard it before. 

But something is always missing. That something makes it likely you'll fail. 

Here's what we do differently in the Sweet Spot.
I developed the Sweet Spot system after working one-on-one with online business owners. We added hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to their businesses as a result of working together. And we learned a lot. 

One thing we learned was that a big list didn't mean much. 

You don't make money from a BIG list, you make money from an ENGAGED list. As in - a list of people who actually enjoy hearing from you. 

See, most online businesses who use email conclude they need to keep adding new subscribers constantly. 

But the truth is they need those tons of new subscribers because they're pissing off such a huge percentage of their old subscribers. Or never even connecting with old subscribers in the first place. Talk about a leaky bucket! 

They need more, more, MORE people to replace the people who have tuned them out. 

But... what if instead of finding more new subscribers, way fewer of your existing subscribers got sick of you? 

Preposterous, you think? If they've been on my list for a while and have never bought, they're never going to buy. Right?
Well, when I pursued this idea with my one-on-one clients, the results were hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales and more repeat business. 

So what exactly did we do? 
We found the "Sweet Spot" between two extremes: 
Extreme 1: INCONSISTENT IRENE. Only sends email when she thinks of it, when she feels like it, or when she wants something from her subscribers. (BOO.) 


Extreme 2: ROBERTA THE ROBOT. Built an email machine full of template emails that pound her new subscribers with launch after launch because the ONLINE GURUS told her that's what she should do to make money. 

This is not funnel hacking. We don't use a set of email templates, change names, links, and due dates (like business Mad Libs!), and out pops an ATM-machine pile of money.

The Sweet Spot system doesn't just allow for testing and experimentation. The Sweet Spot system requires you need to conduct testing and experimentation in order to create the email system that makes money for you. 

But instead of leaving you hanging when you don't get results right away, the Sweet Spot guides you through the confusion, and teaches you to use the results of each email send to improve sales from email.

Record Scratch...
Let's clear the air.
OK, so usually these Frequently Asked Questions are at the bottom, but I know you've seen sales pages like this one before. And now you're going

"Eh... I don't think so." ... 

"Another one of these things. I've already bought into so many."

or, if you're a harsh broad (my favorite kind)...

"Oh great, another online nut who thinks she can solve my problem, so she slapped up a GENERIC sales page."

Let's get into it.  

Q: I have spent money on some pretty big-name courses and coaching. You know, GURUs who speak at conferences and have a jillion followers on Instagram. These people promised I'd make money from my list and it just didn't happen. So, why should I go for this? 

A: I created the Sweet Spot Program after having the same experience
Effective though they may be in helping you get started, many of those other courses and programs can't help you get to the next level because getting to the next level requires an email marketing system designed especially for you. 

The Sweet Spot isn't about handing you a bunch of formulaic emails and having you plug in your business name, the name of your product, and then printing money. 

The Sweet Spot guides you to create an email marketing practice that is unique to your business. It will work for you because it's designed for you. Not for your type of business. FOR YOU. 

You just don't get that from the internet-famous GURUs.

Q: Got it, I need a system that's unique to me. So, shouldn't I just take the money I'd spend on this and hire a copywriter? 
A: Nope. 

Why not? Well, for one thing... the Sweet Spot costs about 10 times LESS than you'd pay the kind of copywriter you really need. 

A copywriter who is willing
> to spend hours talking to real past and potential customers to nail the voice of your customer 
> plus get to know your business inside-out
> PLUS she'd have to be someone who has her own unique, battle-tested process not just for writing emails, but for writing emails that actually make money

Even if you could afford a $30,000 copywriter (and maybe you can), I'd still recommend you join the Sweet Spot before you hire one. 

Professional copywriters are most effective for clients who ALREADY KNOW exactly how to talk about their clients' problems, and their solutions to those problems, in language that really connects. 

The only way you can figure out that language is by developing your own writing practice. 

That's what we create together in the Sweet Spot. You can't take care of this by writing an email once. You need practice, and you need a guide to help you identify the messages that move your subscribers to buy.

Maybe after that, you'll hire a copywriter so you can have more time to do the stuff you love. Or maybe you'll fall in love with writing for your business and keep doing it! I have seen both happen. 

Q: That sounds time-consuming. What's the time commitment? I don't want this to become just another thing on my to-do list. 
A: You'll be repurposing content you've already written to make consistent sales. Instead of writing an email once and never using it again, you'll be using that copy to build your automated emails.
We also meet once a week for 45 minutes in MOMCAVE. This is co-working time only. Bring your homework and knock it out in 45 minutes. 

One more thing on the subject of time. Work-life can function as a form of self-care. If you're a mom, I believe it HAS TO function as a form of self-care. It has to provide you with an outlet for creativity to fulfill you. 

Yes, The Sweet Spot Program helps you create an email practice that brings money into your business. That is the main reason for emailing every single week: it WILL create revenue.

But this email practice also allows you to write about the stuff you love to do, which allows you to reclaim your love for what you do. This is work as a form of self-care.

"By letting things out, we also let things in." - Mark Nepo

I have seen it over and over with clients: when they start to write consistently for their business, all kinds of unexpected benefits follow. 

They get creative. They get to play. 

They really connect, and that's the difference between a client choosing them over someone else. So yes, they sell more. 

Q: Yeah, but I'm not a writer. 
A: Do you have ideas? You're a writer. 

I have mentored hundreds of people in my two decades as a writer and editor. Most of those people weren't great writers. The ones who wrote something that connected with an audience were the ones who had something to say. 

If you have founded your own business - THIS IS YOU. 

I edit every email you write in this program. Come with the idea, and we will make it work in email. 

Whoever told you you can't write doesn't have to hold you back anymore.

(I also include some more nuts and bolts FAQs about money-back guarantees and so on at the bottom of the page if you're looking for that. Got more questions? Email maggie at
“"Thanks for all you do - love having another record sales month! I splurged on an AWESOME fireman outfit for my son. I would have never done that without the growth you've helped with in my business. So pat yourself on the back when you see him on Instagram this weekend lookin' like the happiest kid on the planet. I'm grateful for our work together.”

Rachel Coley,
The Sweet Spot is a 6-month program. At the end of it, you will have an automated email series that sells your introductory offer on auto pilot, custom-built to attract the kinds of clients you love to work with.
The Road to Finding Your Sweet Spot:
  Stop Sending "Newsletters" and Start Sending Weekly Emails that Generate Money
Let me guess... You've never been able to stick to writing emails once a month, let alone once a week. Why would you start now?

What if I told you you could make money from your weekly email writing practice? 

That it's at the heart of your making money from email? 

If you knew that by showing up, you could make money, would you do it? 
"I just wanted to tell explain everything so 
well on Voxer. You're pulling it together for me so 
clearly, saying, 'These are the things you need to do
next - A, B, C.' Not all coaches are good at that. It's just really, really helpful for me." 
                                                                                —Amanda H.
  Learn What Works, and Automate It
Build email series that engage, re-engage, nurture, sell, and follow-up with your purchasers. 

 You don't have to badger your list with pitches, and you don't abandon your subscribers when you "can't think of anything to say." Instead, actually start a relationship. 

Ditch the wasted energy of sending emails when you think of it (or only when you need something!) That doesn't work. 
"I LOOOOOVE Maggie's program!!!!! MOMCAVE a bright spot in my week. She is amazing. Somehow she draws good writing out of my soul.
                                                                                      —Irena M.

  Demystify the Tech
Learn what you need to know about the tech, let go of the rest, and stop looking at your Email Service Provider as an intimidating technical morass. 
“I’ve really been inspired by what you’re 
creating and the mentorship you’re giving us
in the Email Sweet Spot. You’ve made me want 
to jump in, go fast, go hard, and go proud. 
Thank you!”
                                                                                   — Mary C.
  Follow Through: Interpret Results Without Confusion
Some of the emails you send while you're in this program will fail to sell. 

The difference in the program is that you'll learn how to understand why and to try again - quickly. 
"Before working with Maggie, I'd fallen into that hole of not emailing my list. Maggie's clear instructions made it easy to begin. With her encouragement, I set up the necessary foundation for my email communications. 

I found a path that worked for me. The results include people signing up to my masterclass and emailing me about my services.
                                                                     —Deborah A.
Hi, I'm Maggie!
I've spent 20 years seizing audience's attention and moving them to action via the written word.

I am a former journalist and editor, mom, and entrepreneur who serves other mom entrepreneurs who want to think bigger about their businesses.

I started my business four years ago. I've worked with some of the biggest bloggers around to develop an email system that has double and tripled revenue. 

In working with them, I realized that "funnels" often didn't work for them because most of their new email subscribers didn't want to buy immediately after signing up for the list. 

Then I started to talk to marketing friends and online sellers in other niches, and I realized that funnels only addressed how to make the offer - not what to do with the 98% of people who didn't accept the offer. 

A lot of people were focusing on how to get new email subscribers to buy, while ignoring their existing list full of prospects. That didn't make sense to me. 

So I worked with my one-on-one clients to develop a different system. 

I want to take what I've learned there and share it in this program, modified for any seller with an email list, even those who have less than 1,000 subscribers. 
Hop in now for 40% off lifetime access 
The program includes weekly trainings, One-on-One coaching, Accountability, And Email Editing.  

  Step by Step Training  - LIFETIME ACCESS   
Video trainings that take you through each step of the process - even if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing with your email list. This course teaches you how to build a relationship with your subscribers without pissing them off or turning them off. You will have access to these trainings for as long as the internet exists. Promise. 
Every week we meet at Mom Cave, to do actual work. Set aside 45 minutes a week for 14 weeks to bring money into your business from email. 
 One-on-One Access     
 Get 1:1 coaching from me via Voxer. Ask me every question you have about the emails you're creating in the program!
  Outlines and Examples
The hardest part about getting your emails written is staring at a blank page. With dozens of email examples written for every scenario, you'll never have to do that in the Sweet Spot. 
You’ll get one round of edits from me on every email you write within the program.
Here's some love from some of my 1-on-1 clients:
She's a sequence BOSS! I HIGHLY recommend Maggie for any email sequence a business owner needs to get set up! 

Made my life so much easier and created emails my subscribers just love.

Beth Anne Schwamberger,
I want to take what I've learned helping these women create successes in their businesses, and share it with you
This is for you if:   
  •   You have successfully run sales calls to book one-on-one clients.
  • ​You have an email list that has at least 500 subscribers. 
  • ​Your list is growing by at least 10 subscribers a month. 
  • ​You've emailed your subscribers at least once a month for the past few months. 
  • ​You’re charging at the top end of what you think you can charge, and you’re really not seeing your income go up year over year as much as you’d like. 
  • ​Once you get going, you like writing your own copy: emails, blog and social media posts, etc.
  • ​You’ve already created a digital offer—like a course, online program, group coaching, or membership—that you're selling for at least $97.
This is not for you if:   
 You're still trying to fill your one-on-one client roster.
 You don't have an email list.
 You're really focused on numbers: you want a HUGE EMAIL LIST RIGHT NOW and you're not interested in slower, sustained growth.
 You never write your own marketing copy and you don't want to try to learn.
 You’ve haven't created an offer or product that you can sell online.
Q: What's your refund policy? 
A: Try out the Sweet Spot for 14 days! If you don't like it for any reason, contact me and I will refund you the full amount you've paid.  

Q: Six months is too long. Is there another option? 
A: No. We take six months because this isn't just some course you buy and put on a shelf. This is a process that allows you to build stronger relationships with your subscribers, and make sales that serve them as well as you. If you don't feel ready to devote six months to figuring out how to earn money from selling your digital product, then this program probably isn't for you. 

I have a small email list. Will this work for me?
A: This program is designed to maximize your sales from your entire list, rather than garden variety funnels that rely on a constant influx of "fresh meat." As long as your list is growing by 10 people per month or more, you can make regular sales using this program. 

Got more questions? Email maggie at I answer every email. 

Price: $497/month for a Six Month Program 
Get 40% off lifetime access. This price will increase.
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